This is How We Do It

How We Do Business

Change globally. Staffing is being downsized in the office, more teams are leveraging the power of technology, and servicing customers is the rule rather than exception.

How We Do School

Educating students is also shifting (at least in the meantime) from the traditional way of teaching. while children are at home most lessons are available through email, websites and other platforms online. Some teachers are even hosting conference calls to answer quick questions for students and their parents.

How We Do Life

And, of course, our measure of normal has changed, as well. There is a heightened state of awareness in every area from relationships to health. People are seeing people, recognizing needs, showing care and compassion and taking better care of themselves.

These are signs of the times that we live in and just a few of the changes I’ve noticed that’s happening quickly. But, I’m curious. What also stands out to you that’s changing for the better? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

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